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Sexual Purity for Women

What About Women and Sexual Purity?

Excerpts from an article on

the.guard Wednesday, 15 January 2014

While a woman does not have the same physical stamp of the brit (circumcision) as a Jewish man, she must also carefully strive to live a life of sexual purity in accordance with the guidelines of our Sages. Just as with a man, she has an anatomical counterpart to the spiritual sefirah of the "yesod." If she blemishes this through sexual transgression, she damages the spiritual channel that brings blessing to her and to the Jewish Nation as a whole.

First and foremost, Jewish women are called upon to safeguard the Laws of Family Purity, known as "Taharat HaMishpacha." Negligence in keeping these laws has serious spiritual and physical consequences which need to be rectified. Needless to say, pre-marital sex is a no-no which blemishes the "yesod" and requires rectification. Relations with a non-Jew is strictly forbidden. A woman must also take care to act and dress in a modest fashion, in accordance with Jewish Law, and not do things that can cause a man to have an emission of semen in vain, which is a very serious transgression.

Women who act in an overly seductive fashion are transgressing the Torah prohibition not to put a stumbling block in front of a blind man.

The Torah calls upon women, as well as men, to "Be holy!" This means not only to separate from forbidden sexual practices, but also to sanctify one's behavior in things that are permitted. Marital relations should be conducted in a joyous, loving fashion, and care should be taken to follow the injunctions of our Sages, which stress modesty during relations.

While women do not have the same seminal seed as a man, masturbation involves lack of sanctity and purity of thought, and should be avoided.

A woman is also called upon to guard her eyes from seeing forbidding things, like pornography on the Internet. Since the mouth is spiritually connected with the "yesod," a woman must also be careful to speak in a proper fashion and not to blemish the spiritual channel of the "yesod" by speaking lashon hara.

Because sexual purity is the foundation of the Jewish Nation, a woman should endeavor to study and periodically to review the many laws and fences enacted by the Rabbis regarding these vital matters, and not rely on the learning she did before her wedding. Sexual wrongdoing and mistakes must be rectified though t'shuva.