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Seek Hashem

How do you control your thoughts?

GYE Corp. Friday, 27 April 2012

Q. B"H I'm doing well. But I'm still easily triggered and sometimes can't get certain thoughts or images out of my mind. I console myself by saying, 'yes, but you're not acting on them', but still...when does it go away? How do you control your thoughts?


GYE Answers:

A. In worldly pursuits, one only finds happiness when he GETS what he was looking for. But in spiritual quests, it works differently. The pasuk says "Yismach lev mivakshei Hashem" (Happy is the heart of those who seek Hashem). It doesn't say "Yismach Lev Masigei Hashem" (Happy is one who "has" Hashem). It is davka through the act of "Mevakesh" (seeking) that we find joy and fulfillment in spiritual matters.

Therefore, we need to rejoice that we WANT to be free from these thoughts and Taavos and be closer to Hashem, even if we have a long way to go. After all, if we didn't have these bad thoughts, we wouldn't get rewarded, nor would we come closer to Hashem by not acting on them. It's only because we have them and don't act on them, that we are able to grow each day. And it's only through these constant struggles that our aspect of "mevakesh Hashem" grows and defines itself anew each day. And this is what Hashem truly wants from us. "Seeking" out Hashem, especially when we feel weak and the Taavos are strong, is what gives us a true "Kesher" (connection) with Him. And Hashem desires this "Kesher" with us even more than our success in vanquishing the Yetzer Hara.

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