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Will repression therapy lead to self hate and loathing?

GYE Corp. Monday, 13 February 2012

Hi Reb Guard, My therapist mentioned to me that repression will lead to self hate and loathing. I was just interested to know your response.


It seems to me that your therapist is obviously not trained in addiction. As any addiction therapist knows, an alcoholic is allergic to alcohol and cannot take even the first sip or he will fall back into his destructive addiction. It is the same with lust addicts. We have to avoid even the first slip. If we are allergic to lust, once we start we can't stop, and can quickly spiral down out of control. A lust addict who takes that first lust-hit, even if clean for a while, can fall so fast and hard that he can hit rock-bottom in no time!

Chazal understood the nature of lust addiction and taught us that there is one limb in a man that: "the more you feed it, the more hungry it gets. The more you starve it, the more satiated it feels"...