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Is Rehab Advisable?

the.guard Monday, 01 July 2013

Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski wrote to GYE:

Dear Yakov:

A wife said that Elya Katz recommends a week of intensive therapy at a rehab. Her husband's addiction is to porn and masturbation. Is this advisable/necessary?


We responded:

I believe I know who the Rav is talking about. I spoke to the wife and the husband in depth last night and I told them both that I believe rehab is not necessary at this stage unless there will be continued relapses down the line. The wife is claiming zero tolerance for her husband's issues and she is pushing for drastic steps. I told her that it is good that she is giving over a strong message to her husband, because that will increase his chances of success in recovery. However, at the same time, she can't expect perfection right away. There may be a few relapses in the coming months as her husband grows in recovery. He is working the 12-Step program on the GYE phone conferences, and he has employed other powerful tools from our network as well (the double fence TaPHSiC method). Based on his wife's strong stance, his own determination and the tools he is currently using, I would put his chances of success at 75%. I think rehab would be a bit of an overkill at this stage.

Kol Tuv,


Thank you