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I Was Molested; What Now?

I was molested by my brother, he's moved on and I'm addicted.

once-innocent Friday, 27 November 2015

The short answer is, it is indeed likely that the abuse you underwent is connected to your current addiction. See this article for more WHY.

But here is a longer thought for victims of molestation, both male and femlae:

Nobody deserves to be abused, especially by people who are supposed to love and protect us. Incest is both a grave sin and an immoral act, as well as a crime. My heart goes out to you and I hope you can find healing.

Additionally, If the perpetrator is still around children (either his own or someone else's), the right thing to do is to report his crimes to the authrities to protect the innocents. Crimes of this nature, if left unchecked, tend to be repeated. And even if the person seems to have "moved on" or presents no current threat to other children, it may still be healing for his victim(s) to press charges and seek justice. On GYE, we do not render legal, medical, or mental health advice, but we do encourage you to seek competent counsel in these areas.

However, everything that happens to us in life is part of the journey that our soul was meant to undergo in this world. If a person gets cancer, c"v, when they are older - and it turns out that it was caused by pollution in the town that they lived in when they were younger, it is still part of their destiny. Blaming it on someone or something does nothing to change the facts, and we need to come to terms with the journey that Hashem has given us. So the question now is, what will YOU do about it? Although you may be powerless over the disease, that does not absolve you of responsibility to recover. (Just like a diabetic is responsible to take their insulin).

And with this, thankfully, GYE can help!