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I'm 15. Why can't I hang out with girls?

obormottel Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hi. I'm 15 years old and I care about Hashem a lot, but why should I stop hanging out with girls?

GYE Answered:

Please see page 15-16 of this booklet called "Dear Bochur".

It would be better if you read from page 9 already, to understand more about the issue.

And if you can read the whole thing, that would be the best!


P.S. By the way, do you also struggle with porn or masturbation?

The boy replies:

I once did suffer from these things. I have not seen one pornographic image in around a year and a half, maybe more. I have exercised much perishus and have not socially interacted with girls for 2-ish months. I find it very hard to not think about how good it once was, especially because I am going through extremely rough times right now, and girls always accepted me (as opposed to the yeshivisheh boys I am in school with now). This pamphlet gave me so much strength, Tizku LeMitzvos.