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I Don't Think I Can Wait!

How Can I Survive Till Marriage?

GYE Corp. Monday, 26 December 2011

A Bochur writes:

I can't get rid of the feeling (it might be more than a feeling) that I really want to "be" with a woman! How can I go till I am married without it?

It's overrated. Ha! Actually, being curious is so natural, but it's just a pity we all have to struggle so much with that and waste all that energy over something that doesn't solve our problem - We Feel Empty and Alone! And we really believe a woman can fix that. No aveira can convince us otherwise, even if it succeeds in scaring us off! But I pity the woman/women we choose to use for that... I picked my wife, and I pity her for the hell she had to go through just to finally have me 'sane'.

There's only one way to manage until you're married: one day at a time... and soon you will find many more important things to concern yourself with than getting in places you don't belong. There really is another way than preoccupation with that thing. Get busy, find friends and take it easy.