Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hashem doesn't like me

Why does Hashem make so many things go wrong?

A teen member who is clean for over a year wrote:

Hashem doesn't like me. Look how hard I've worked to be the best person I can be and now I am finding it so hard to find a yeshiva. All my friends and normal people and I'm just a loser.

GYE Responds:

My dear friend,

This is a test in your Emunah. Every test is given to us to make us stronger. There are so many tests we will face in life, but the test of Emunah is the crux of them all, as the Gemara says: בא חבקוק והעמידן על אחת: צדיק באמונתו יחיה.

Your journey has been so inspiring. You could be a leader for the next generation. But to be a leader, you need to get through some difficult tests. Hashem is building you up, bit by bit.

Be strong. Never say "Hashem doesn't like me". He is CRAZY about you. We have to believe that with all our heart. And we have to believe that even if he would take away our very LIFE, He is doing it ONLY for our good. Hashem is perfect. He is not CAPABLE of doing anything bad. בכל לבבך ובל נפשך - אפילו נוטל את נפשך.

Hashem hides Himself sometimes to build us up, to see how we will react. He is playing hide and seek. Don't give up the game just cuz you don't see Him now. He is just around the corner.

Member responds:

Thank you so much for that message. You have literally put me straight back onto my feet.

I am going to save that for whenever I am feeling down. Emunah in Hashem in all circumstances is the key!

I love Hashem because He wants so much from me. The more He tests me the more He wants from me!