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GYE Whatsapp Group

the.guard Wednesday, 21 April 2021
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Launching a Whatsapp group - for GYE members only!

support3Wouldn't it be great to have a Whatsapp group where you could reach out for help 24 hours a day, or post chizuk - just like on the GYE forums and chat rooms?

We just launched a GYE Whatsapp group where you can:

  • Connect with others and get out of isolation,
  • Have some accountability with your fellow members
  • Reach out for help in a "weak moment" and get instant chizuk
  • Share inspiring memes, short video clips and articles.
  • Give chizuk to others

Seperate groups for Men and Women!

We have be"h a few moderators as well, who can help with chizuk and support.

DISLAIMER: Whatsapp is less anonymous than the GYE forum and chat-rooms. People can see your phone number, and often your name and picture can come up as well. To help protect everyone, we will only allow verified GYE members to join.

If you're ready to take your recovery up a notch and join, fill out the online form at

See here for terms and conditions.

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