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GYE’s Quarterly VIP Update: 1st Quarter 2022

the.guard Tuesday, 29 March 2022

New Members 1st Quarter 2022:

From the 30,000+ members who have signed up to GYE over the years, 928 new members signed up to GYE this quarter. This averages over 75 new members per week, calling out for help. In addition, the daily GYE boosts currently have over 8,000 Whatsapp members.

Shortly after Pesach, we will be ready to roll out our new platform (GYE 2.0 - see info below) and invest significantly in advertising and promotion, as well as hiring a marketing director. As a result, we expect a HUGE jump in membership in the coming quarters. Stay tuned!

Stories & Testimonials from First Quarter 2022

GYE 2.0

The next level of GuardYourEyes, GYE 2.0, has been under development for the last few years. It integrates hundreds of scientific studies with the latest technology and the best support resources available today. The flagship feature of GYE 2.0 is the 9-week "Flight to Freedom" program, which we launched for our members around Chanukah time and b"h we've been receiving great feedback (see below for some user comments). For a screenshot of the program, click here (click the image to view in full size).

"I started the Flight to Freedom program from GYE. This is the first time ever that I feel confident about changing. I used to rely on filters but never got very far, there was always a way around them in a weak moment. But when you understand the why's and how's of our desires, it's possible to make real change.” (ontheway)

"Having finished a few lessons of Flight-to-Freedom, I just wanted to express my hakarot hatov & absolute awe as to the quality & depth of material provided. I think it should be more available to the frum Kehilla as I doubt many would be fully aware of its genius. I really am speechless." (plshashem)

"The course as a whole is awesome, really no words, It's so impressively setup, easy to understand and follow, boosts and pushes all my positive desires of being an erliche Yid, well done!" (nochamol)

For more screenshots and feedback, see here.

The “Flight to Freedom” Video Series

Over the past two months, we have been working with Rabbi Benzion Shafier (from to create a video version of the entire program, to make it much easier to learn and digest, even for those without long attention spans. We've completed six out of the nine lessons, and we're on track to finish the rest of the videos before Pesach. (We’re seeing Hashem’s hand at every step; Mendy, the head of R&D, sent this unbelievable message to our team this past Friday).

Website Redesign

We are working on redesigning the GYE website to seamlessly connect our new program and tools with our older content & tools while ensuring that each new member can easily find what is most relevant to them. Click here for a sneak preview of the new design (click the image to view in full size).

GYE Private Communities

We're working with new cutting-edge technologies to expand our peer-to-peer support that will complement our forums. We are creating “Hubs”, which are separate specialized communities where people are grouped by age, married status, and degree of struggle. (Click here to see a screenshot). There will also be a separate community for teenagers with extra supervision, and a community for people considering the 12-step program. We also have a “Spouse’s Hub” for the wives of struggling men, where they can interact with each other and share guidance and much-needed support.

GYE Workbooks

We're creating a series of workbooks that will allow our members to work through the tools of the “Flight to Freedom” program by not just learning the strategies, but actually using them to make real changes. Hard copies of these workbooks will be available for sale at cost-price so that the “Flight to Freedom” program can be done even by bochurim who don’t have regular access to our website. Click here to see a sample of the workbook for Lesson One.


We launched a new hotline with lots of pre-recorded messages with chizuk, advice, and special recordings that can help people when they have an urge. This is especially useful for bochurim who don't have easy access to our website.

New Hire: EOS integrator

We just hired an experienced EOS integrator, Adam Holtz, who will be helping GYE with the day-to-day integration of EOS, which stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS is a proven set of principles used by over 80,000 companies worldwide that help strengthen six key components of an organization: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction. Implementing EOS helps all of these components to work in conjunction with each other and will significantly improve the efficiency of the GYE team and help us reach our ambitious goals of 100,000 users in the coming years.

Ukraine War Update

Our Ukrainian programming team had some distractions initially, but they managed to move to a safer place and are now working at full capacity. Click here to read an update they sent us this week.

Click here to see a chart of the GYE’s current organizational structure.

Click here to see our 4-year plan and budget to reach 100,000 people who need help.