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Giving joy to G-d

I see Jews who give into their desires and are happy, so why try so hard?

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 09 May 2012

Someone wrote to us how hard his struggles are and that he knows many Jews "who give into their desires for companionship with girlfriends and wind up happy". We tried to answer him with three points, and I share them with you below so we can all be Mitchazek... And in this merit, may G-d give him the strength to prevail!

1) Firstly, how are we to define happiness? If it is defined by pleasure and success in this world, then yes, there are many people, even wicked people, who are "happy". But this world is only a hallway to the next. Truly, what is a mere eighty years compared with all eternity?

2) The Zohar elaborates in countless places how important the sanctity of a couple is to having children who will have good hearts and be worthy of serving G-d. If you want to merit children who will stay on the right path, children who will not have the struggles that you have today, stay strong! Know that if you ultimately succeed, you have succeeded for your eternity as well as for all generations after you. (According to Kabbalistic literature, struggles that are "unfinished" by one soul, are passed down to his children and children's children until the job is done).

3) Giving joy to G-d sounds cliche, but we need to think about it a little and let ourselves truly become awed at the opportunity that we have to give him joy. After all, he is the master of the entire universe, who created everything!! And to think that little "we" can give him joy with our struggles!