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FAQ for GYE's Live Groups

the.guard Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Join GYE English-Speaking Live Groups

Why does GYE have live meetings, isn’t SA enough?

It is important to emphasize that GYE's live groups are not meant to compete with SA in anyway. They are only meant to help those who would anyway not be going to SA now, or who are not yet ready for SA (as a bridge). In general, there are a few reasons why GYE live meetings might be more appropriate for some people.

1- SA is too extreme for some: For most GYE guys, their acting out has not progressed beyond the screen. For such people, as well as younger guys, going to SA can sometimes be detrimental when they hear the shares of people in much worse situations. Even if they'll eventually join SA, it's a good idea to let them first connect to people that struggle with the same issues that they struggle with.

2 - Focus on the Steps: SA meetings are supposed to help people work the steps, but in some cities the groups have evolved into mainly just "support groups" for whatever reason. In the GYE live groups, we put a lot of effort into helping the new guys stay and work the program.

3 - SA-Phobia: Some religious Jews are afraid of SA for whatever reasons (it can sound strange and non-Jewish, and the format of the meeting can be intimidating), while GYE meetings can sound more like a chabura for Shmiras Einayim and chizuk.

When should one choose a GYE live meeting over SA?

GYE's live groups may be appropriate for you for any number of the possible reasons:

1) If your acting out has not progressed beyond the screen and you don't want to be exposed to new ideas.

2) If there is no SA group in your city.

3) If you’re not comfortable joining non-Jewish groups, or uncomfortable with some of the SA ideas.

4) If the SA groups in your area are mixed gender and you find this triggering.

5) If you’re looking for a more “heimish” atmosphere.

6) If your spouse can swallow better the idea that you’re just joining a “chizuk chaburah” with other frum Yidden.

7) If you are/were in an SA group and you didn’t feel that they worked he steps seriously enough.

8) If you are currently in SA and want additional support and help to work the steps in a heimish environment.

9) If you are considering SA but want to take a smaller step in that direction first.