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Cruel Joke?

My wife isn't interested as much as I am. Is Hashem playing a cruel joke?

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 13 December 2011
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"FightingYid" writes on our forum for the first time:

My struggles with lust have plagued me since my 15th birthday. Since then, it's "all day every day". Now I'm never of fan of asking questions on Hashem, but I truly don't understand why he did this to me. I was given a curse that has been with me for 10+ years, everyday, and then I get married and - bless my wife she is great - but she has serious sexual issues. She not always interested, doesn't think its SOOO fundamental for a marriage, etc. basically it isn't so good. So what's a guy like me supposed to do?! 90% of the women in the world are showing off everything they got, are we just supposed to go crazy!? It seems like a cruel joke to me. How are we supposed to be "Ivdu es Hashem b'smicha"?

We replied:

Welcome fightingYid. We can all feel your pain and understand your suffering. I would greatly advise you to read the "Attitude Handbook" to get answers to some of your questions.

No one said life was meant to be easy. We have a journey to undergo in this world. Hashem plays many so called "cruel jokes" on us. They are the bumps in the road on the journey called "life" that make us into MEN, not animals; into G-d centered people, and not "self-centered".

If it all went smoothly, we would never be forced to grow into the people Hashem wants us to be.

I suggest reading Dov's story here, and start reading the "Daily Doses of Dov" in the chizuk e-mails and you'll begin to see what Hashem has in store for us if we learn to deal with these "cruel jokes" in the way HE intended us to.

You've come to the right place. We hope you stick around

"Kutun" replied:

God: Avram, go to Canaan... I will make you great there....

Avram: Sure!

Avram goes to Canaan.

Suddenly, Canaan has a hunger, and Avram is forced to leave to Mitzrayim, where his wife is kidnapped etc.

Cruel Joke?
Nisayon (uplifting experience)?

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