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Compulsive Sexual Behavior Breakdown: Audio Lecture

Audio Lecture given to mechanchim, Rabbeim, and Educators on Compulsive Sexual Behavior by Rabbi Avi Tenenbaum of JNARS.

JNARS, or Jewish Network of Addiction Recovery Support, is dedicated to improving recovery from addiction in the Jewish world.

The JNARS Professional Network is currently the biggest platform for Addiction Specialists serving the Jewish community to work together to help solve the problem of addiction in our communities, with over 250 members.

obormottel Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Goals of this presentation are:

For Educators to be able to-

1) Differentiate compulsive behavior (serious) suggesting professional intervention from a subclinical (not as serious) issue

2) Identify a great variety of behaviors in which this problem can appear or manifest

3) Understand what treatment may look like

4) Know which resources exist to help our talmidim with this problem

Compulsive Sexual Behavior Part 1

Compulsive Sexual Behavior Part 2

Compulsive Sexual Behavior Part 3

Accompanying PDF slides