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Bad Choices

Might not our Nisyonos be a result of our bad choices?

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

Rashkebehag asked on the forum:

How can a person know what his job really is? If the garbage collector had gotten a better education, he might have become the King's minister, but he was lazy and ended up being just a garbage collector. How can he walk with his head held high? Might not one's position in life (and one's nisyonos) be a result of the bad choices he made??


Imtrying replies:

It is said over from many Tzadikim including the GR"A, that the way a person can know what is his mission in life, is by seeing what he struggles with the most. (Need more be said??)


Dov replies:

All I can believe (and remain sane at the same time), is that the place I find myself right now is exactly the job Hashem has for me. The very best job, in fact.

Then as time goes on, I need to trust that He'll schlep me off to wherever He prefers me to be. K'heref ayin a king can raise me from a garbage man to his personal toothbrusher! Then to be his dentist, and then his viceroy! Who knows?

Kal v'chomer with HKB"H.

Hayad Hashem tikztor?

Just do what's in from of you and stop thinking so d*** much. (I'm talking to myself).


In response to someone who asked him whether he talks to himself a lot :-) Dov replied:

Well, first Reb Tzvi-Meyer spoke this Yesod to me, then I "heard" it, and ever since, I have been speaking it to myself and others in order to remember it! :-)