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Are non-Jews halachically permitted to waste their seed?

the.guard Tuesday, 13 February 2018

GYE Responds:

Before the great flood in the days of Noah, it says "And G-d saw that the land was destroyed, for all flesh was destroying their ways on the ground". Our sages explain this to mean that one of their many sins was that they spilled their seed.

This seems to imply that it is bad in G-d's eyes for any man to do this (there were no Jews then).

There are 7 commandments that all non-Jews are bound by. One of them is sexual immorality. I am not sure if spilling seed is included in this.

Do you want me to ask a Rabbi for a solid answer?

The questioner replies:

Thanks for the answer.

I know immorality is one of the 7 Mitzvos of Bnei Noach, but I always thought bestiality/homosexuality/adultery etc. would be part of that. I had the same question you have, whether spilling seed would be considered such an act or not.

At the times of Noah eating meat was also a sin, which it now isn't.

Yes, I'd very much appreciate if you could ask an Orthodox Rabbi!

I know a non-Jew who who tries to follow the 7 laws and he was interested in the answer to the question.

After GYE wrote to him, Rabbi Morgenstern responded:

There is a maklokes among the achronim on this question. Since there are those that say he is חייב מיתה for this transgression, if he wants to do Hashem's will, it would be appropriate to refrain.