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What does G-d ask of us today

GYE Corp. Thursday, 10 May 2012

What does G-d ask of us today, in this last generation before Moshiach? Think of the incredible mesiras Nefesh and sacrifice that the Jewish people endured for thousands of years in the dark and bitter exile. Reflect on the super-human strengths that the Jews had to have to keep the Torah in the conditions that they were forced to live in, even a hundred years ago. Living in abject poverty in an extremely hostile environment, despised and schemed upon by the non-Jews. Today, who cannot serve G-d as he desires, in joy and freedom? Who today does not have what to eat or a roof to cover their heads? So what does G-d ask from us in this last generation?

G-d has given us such a beautiful world to live in today. He just asks for that little bit of mesiras nefesh. That little bit of self-sacrifice, not to go astray after your eyes and heart in a world full of glitter and pleasures. This is perhaps the one last difficult bit of sacrifice that is left for us to give G-d today. And he is not even asking it of us for himself. There is so much G-dly light and joy all around us, but only those whose eyes are not darkened by lust can be worthy to see it. He only asks us to guard our eyes so we can see that he is right here beside us holding our hand and smiling.