Wednesday, 08 February 2012


by Efshar Letaken (See all authors)

A guy was on a flight back home from a trip. The weather was very stormy and the flight was full of Turbulence. It got very scary many times throughout the flight, even for him - as an adult.

But he noticed in the isle next to him, a 4 year old sitting there very calmly, not a bit afraid. So he asks him how come he is so relaxed. "Aren't you afraid?", he asks the boy.

The 4 year old Boy says with a smile on his face, "NO! NOT AT ALL!"

"How's that?" asks the Guy.

The boy turns to him and says, "THE PILOT IS MY FATHER! I KNOW HE WILL GET ME HOME SAFE!"

Raboisai! The pilot of this world, Hashem, is our Father! There's no need to worry about the turbulence that we all experience on our flight called "Life!"

He Will Get Us Home Safe!