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The Wealthy Miser

obormottel Friday, 08 December 2017

From a news story:

"One man's neighbors reported that he subsisted on cat food. During the winter, they collected money and bought him a warm coat. When he died, the kindly neighbors were astounded and outraged to learn that the miserly man had amassed $850,000 in bank accounts under some forty different names, a fact which Jaisan uncovered. The money was distributed to his heirs-at-law."

How does this apply to us?

We have eyes that can see millions of dollars worth of divrei Torah, and instead our Yetzer Hara convinces us to use these priceless gifts to look at non-kosher shmutz with an after-taste of cat-food!

How foolish will we feel after 120 when we realize how we could have used our eyes compared to how we "spent" our eye-sight?