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The gift of sight

GYE Corp. Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ah, the gift of sight!

Often though, we don't appreciate it enough.

I just read an article in the Hamodia about a twenty year old boy who had a genetic disease and lost his eye sight without warning in the span of just a few days. Obviously this was very difficult for him at first, but now a year later he tells how losing his eye sight has made him realise what is really important in life. He can no longer party and get drunk with his friends like he used to, and he doesn't want to anymore. He no longer sees people by their looks, but rather by who they are. He has come a lot closer to Torah and to G-d, and has found much more meaning in his life.

We should never, G-d forbid, have to undergo such an experience to make us "open our eyes" to what is truly important in life. Let us instead appreciate the incredible gift of eye sight, and not G-d forbid abuse it. How fortunate are we to be able to see all of G-d's beautiful creation, to experience life and be able to take care of ourselves by seeing the world around us! But let us not take this gift lightly. When going out into the street, let us turn our eyes downwards and not allow ourselves to abuse this tremendous gift.