Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Pornography is Human Trafficking

by Obormottel (See all authors)

One of the tools used in sex offender treatment (SOT) is called "victim sensitization," i.e. teaching sex offenders (not addicts, mind you, but actual predators, who not only get triggered but actually violate vulnerable others, including children) about the human side of their victims. Humanizing women is what we (sex and porn adicts) should learn about, as well: about their pain, about their being human, about long-term destructive consequences of our behavior.

For our own healing, it is important to consider that our watching of pornography perpetuates violence against women. Until we learn that women are human too - that they bleed like us, hurt like us, suffer like us - we will treat them as garbage, as objects, and we will continue acting out to their glamourized images, forgetting the real people and real pain hidden behind them.

Instead of closing our eyes to the truth behind porn and prostitution, we need to learn about their effects on the so-called willing participants - "actresses," escorts, call girls, etc. Instead of blaming the women for our perverted need of pleasuring ourselves to someone else's shame and disgrace, we need to look at ourselves and realize that we are predators who exploit women, abet rapes and violence against them, and perpetuate kidnappings and slavery of young (very young) girls around the world, as well as in the US.

At my sponsor's direction, each time I pass a strip club, I pray for the women who work there. Perhaps, this is what you might call "more healthy than the rest," but I would recommend that you make a routine out of it, too, instead of pretending the establishment is not there and closing your eyes. You'll be better and healthier for it. And the abused women can use your prayer, too.