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Shmiras Einayim and the Power of T'fila

obormottel Monday, 26 February 2018

A man from a city in southern Eretz Yisroel had a daughter critically ill in the hospital. The doctors had all but given up on her. They advised that they will make the last-ditch attempt with a dangerous chemo - but the hospital was out of it. The father was sent to a pharmaceutical company in Tel Aviv to pick it up.

The area was extremely pritzusdik, and this man struggled with desperately wanting to look. He remembered hearing from Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein shlita in the name of Rav Aharon Roth ztz"l that when one is omeid in a nisayon of shmiras eynayim, one has an incredible koach hat'fila. He turned to the wall and asked Hashem for help in standing up to the challenge and that his daughter should get well.

Soon after, his phone rang with his wife telling him to come back. Inexplicably, even without this new medication, the doctors saw the daughter's condition improve. The seudas hoda'ah was 3 weeks later!