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How to do Teshuvah for disseminating shmutz?

the.guard Monday, 11 February 2019
How to do Teshuvah for disseminating shmutz?


I wanted to know if it is possible to ask the GYE Rav if he has any advice regarding the "bein adam lechaveiro" part of teshuva here. Specifically - I, unfortunately, shared a lot of girls and women pictures over the years. I've tried to do whatever I can to delete and prevent circulation now but I know that some people still have them.

GYE Replies:

In a case where one who stole from multiple people or stores over many years and can't possibly return it all (because he doesn't even know to whom to return the money), the halacha is that he should do mitzvos that benefit the tzibur so that everyone can benefit from him.

In your case, I would suggest trying to spread kedusha as much as you can, as an atonement for your past. Surely Hashem will accept your Teshuvah, if you do your best with a broken heart.

One way to help spread Kedusha is to spread awareness about GYE by sending out messages to all your contacts, by email, Whatsapp, posting in your Whatsapp status, etc... hanging up signs about GYE, and letting people know about our daily chizuk boost at If you want signs to hang up, see here. Another way to atone would be by donating money to organizations that help spread Kedusha, so you will have a chelek in their work which also benefits the public.

May Hashem accept your teshuvah!