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Help me patrol the perimeters of my thinking

The Satan keeps getting his hands into new places!

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

Since discovering this site--a lifesaver if you want to be saved--I read the daily e-mails and the inspirational stories and I am often moved. Recently, I davened for help to "patrol the perimeters of my thinking". Since that moment, this phrase has stuck in my mind, where it should be. I feel this simple formula helping incredibly: several times it has kicked in pretty much automatically, just the word "patrol"--(as an imperative! in the grammatical sense)--on the street, it has completely stopped whatever was unwanted in its tracks, and almost instantly dissolved it. It's a formula I've long been praying for.

(Other ideas, such as making the thought a korban etc, work too, but this is instant and complete... so far.)

Your work is a real kiddush Hashem. Yasher koach.