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Boosting Our Emunah

GYE Corp. Monday, 19 December 2011

Although strengthening our Emunah will often not be enough to break a strong lust-attack or an addiction on its own (see the story of Rav Amram Chassid, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir in Kedushin 80-81), however, a strong Emunah can help push us to take the necessary steps in recovery, and can be a very valuable tool in dealing with the Yetzer Hara, overall.

See the TaPHSiC method for some ways we can learn how to balance Emunah that doesn't work in addictions with Emunah that does works.


Kedusha posted:

Anyone whose Emunah is weak will have trouble controlling the y"h for arayos. That's why, among other reasons, that it's more important than ever that Emunah be properly taught to our children - and ourselves. Many people say that they believe because they're frum (like, lehavdil, adherents of other religions believe in their religious dogma because their religion requires such belief). However, it should really be the opposite: We're frum because we believe that it's the Emes.

I recently completed a wonderful series of Shiurim on this very topic by Rav Dovid Sapirman of Toronto. Rav Sapirman recently started the Ani Maamin Foundation, to help strengthen the Emunah of our youth. He has spoken about the need for this at no less than two recent Torah Umesorah conventions. Rav Sapirman believes it's no longer acceptable (if it ever was) to sidestep the issues of Emunah that bother our young people (and may still bother them when they get older, because they've never been answered).

There are four sets of Shiurim:

1.) "Know What to Answer to YOURSELF" (existence of G-d, Torah MiSinai, and other topics) - set of 10 CDs.

2.) "Unraveling the Mysteries of Divine Providence" (this world and the next, human suffering, the Holocaust, and more) - set of 6 CDs.

3.) "The Oral Torah: Divine and Eternal" - set of 8 CDs.

4.) "Teaching Emunah Today" - Set of 8 CD's

I highly recommend these life changing Shiurim. They can be ordered directly from Rav Sapirman by contacting him at or going to this site.

If you'd like to try them out, samples are availbale here.