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Who can yell at Hashem?

testchart1 Sunday, 24 May 2020
Who can yell at Hashem?

Transcript of GYE Boost #193

So if a person is drowning and he's about to check out of this world, he can yell out at Hashem. And this is a kal v'chomer that we learn, if you can yell at Hashem for his physical life, then he certainly can yell at Hashem for his spiritual life. And this explains R' Shalom Arush, is why some people make progress and some people just stay the same.

Who can yell at Hashem? Who can make demands of Hashem?

If you have that real desire, Hashem help me guard my eyes, Hashem help me to not have that desire, guard my eyes! If a person yells out to Hashem, Hashem says what are you yelling out for? You prayed for it? It's so important to you? You never asked for it. Something important, life and death, half an hour a day (Of personal prayer) is no problem when a person is trying to save himself from capital punishment. He's running after the best lawyers, he doesn't pay attention to how much debt he accumulates. Okay, he is going to do whatever it takes. This is full and complete prayer. Once again, it's not for material needs. It's for spiritual needs. OK. Material needs, we have to understand that Hashem doesn't owe us anything, it's a free gift. This is what R' Shalom sings: 'If you give me or you don't give me, I'm still gonna say thank you...lalalala.. rak amar todah'

OK, but that's that, that's for material. Hashem if you give me a new Mercedes I'm just going to say thank you. And if you don't give me a new Mercedes, I'm going to say thank you. But that's not for guarding my eyes, Hashem. You got to yell at the top your lungs ... Hashem should help us all have such tefilah shleima and realize how badly we need the Beit Hamikdash & Moshiach that yell out for that and Hashem will give us.

That means one of two things. The two things of tefilah shleima. A full and complete prayer. Number one, they're spiritual and not for material. And number two it's with emuna. That person really has to bring himself to the level where he believes that Hashem wants the best for him, just like a parent wants the best for his son and Hashem should help us have this power of prayer. All of Klal Yisroel have this power of prayer and Hashem should send us a full and complete redemption speedily in our days. Amen!