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The ultimate light

GYE Corp. Sunday, 22 December 2019
The ultimate light

Here is some powerful Chizuk from GYE member "Battleworn" in honor of Chanukah:

The Me'or Einayim and many other tzadikim explain...

The Gemarah says, that we must light Ner Chanuka:
1) at night
2) lower than 10 tefachim
3) outside
4) on the left side
5) starting at the end of the month (when the moon, which represents Am Yisroel, is disappearing)
6) on the longest night of the year (GUE comment: I personally verified this by checking sunrise and sunset on an Israeli calendar).

All these things represent darkness, distance and weakness. The night, of course, represents darkness and galus. Lower than 10 tefachim is the place where the gemarah says, the Shechina never goes. "Outside" represents distance and tumah, and "Reshus Harabim" is, according to kabalah, the place of the "sitra achara". "Left" represents weakness and harshness.

We are told to go davka to that place and at that time, and to light a candle. Not to banish the darkness, though that will indeed be the end result, but just to light a little candle. The darkness is still there and the candle even burns out. But tomorrow we'll be back, ignoring yesterday's seeming lack of success, and we will light two candles...

It is these little lights in the darkness that will bring to the world the ultimate light like it says -"B'orcha nireh ohr".

And it these little lights, that Hashem was referring to, when He told Aharon Hakohen, "Shelcha le'olam kayum - yours will last forever" - even in the darkest of the dark there will always be the little lights. And this pacified Aharon, because he knew the super power of these little lights.

The GYE network is one of the great Neros Chanuka of the world, and the stronger the wind blows, the more we will be mischazek together!! All of you on the forum and Chizuk e-mail lists, are candles lighting up the darkest night!

Wishing you all a happy (in the true sense of the word), powerful, meaningful, fruitful, successful and lechtiger Chanuka!