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The Siyum Hashas Was a New Beginning for Me

the.guard Thursday, 24 November 2022
The Siyum Hashas Was a New Beginning for Me

Here's part of a thread that was posted this week on our forum. A little background... We placed an Ad in the 2020 Siyum Hashas Magazine/Booklet that was printed and distributed to the 100k attendees at MetLife Stadium:

"Geshmak" wrote:
I was just wondering… how do most people find out abt GYE?? Like I happened to see it advertised in the Siyum Hashas booklet and BH this organization changed my life! … but my heart goes out for so many more people that need this help but are not on GYE… we have to figure out a strategy how to get more people hooked onto this heligah site...

Excerpt of GYE's response:
FYI the Siyum Hashas Ad was sponsored by a special donor from Flatbush at a cost of $10k for that 1 Ad!
And BH it paid off - we know that we received a few hundred new members from that Ad alone. The zechus of that one sponsorship is immeasurable!

"Geshmak" wrote in response:
Thanks so much for your response and for your beautiful amazing life saving organization!!!!
When I read the "FYI", I started to cry… think about the zechus this giver has???? Wow is he lucky!!! Please tell him that I’m a regular kollel yungerman that learns geshmak! I have a wife and kids and if not for him I probably wouldn’t be frum today r’l… (I can’t go into detail but I’m talking literally). So if he wants to know if that Ad paid off he should just think of all the Torah and mitzvos that I and my kids and the rest of my doros will BE"H do - it's all his zechus… I envy his Gan Eden!!!

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