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The Best Tu Be'Av Segulah

A member wrote in to GYE:

the.guard Wednesday, 05 August 2020
The Best Tu Be'Av Segulah

I am not one who does segulos or who says he understands why or how Hashem does things, but right after the first girl that I dated said no to me, I reached out to you for help and got a filter on my computer. Since then I have not even thought of watching anything bad, or falling in p'gam habris.

And b'chasdei Hashem, my lechaim will IY"H be soon! The entire process was swift and easy, and I am the first of my group to get engaged. I dont know if Hashem gave me this because I reached out for help, only He knows the cheshbonos. But I definitely appreciate your help and having someone I could open up to!