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SMART Recovery Meetings in Lakewood

the.guard Thursday, 11 June 2020
SMART Recovery Meetings in Lakewood

SMART Recovery Meetings in Lakewood

GuardYourEyes is looking to set up live recovery meetings in Lakewood New Jersey for people who are serious about stopping, based on SMART Recovery.

SMART Recovery v2SMART Recovery provides assistance to individuals seeking abstinence from unwanted behaviors. The SMART approach is science-based, using cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational methods.

The meetings will be led by a certified SMART recovery facilitator who also has personal experience with the 12-step program, and is also a longtime GYE member.

In order for us to start these meetings we will need a minimum amount of people who are interested, as well as one or two more volunteers who will join our existing volunteers to help in getting these live meetings off the ground. If you feel you will gain from these meetings or would like more information please email

Note: The address and information for the live meetings will only be given to people who have been screened individually by a facilitator. This allows everyone to have a truly safe environment where they can open up honestly with others who have also been carefully screened.