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Shelach: Ha'oros Yosef HaTzadik

obormottel Friday, 16 June 2017

V'anancho omeid aleihem u'v'amut anan atta holeich lifneihem.

When we just see a cloud over us, we should remember that Hashem is using THIS cloud to guide us!


U'kvod Hashem nire'eh b'ohel.
Rashi: Ha'anan yarad sham.

Some see The Kovod of Hashem
Others just see a fog....


V'gam ra'inu ess hanefilim... v'nehi b'eineinu k'chagavim.

We saw others fall. We saw them hit rock-bottom.

But in matters concerning our eyes, we convinced ourselves that "It won't happen to me!" I will not end up that way. I will be like a grasshopper. I will jump high. I will jump far. I won't get stuck.