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NEW PROGRAM! "Reaching New Heights"

chaimmod Sunday, 08 May 2022
NEW PROGRAM! "Reaching New Heights"

We’re excited to announce the new "Reaching New Heights" program!

Reaching New Heights is a bonus program by R' Shaya Ostrov available for any GYE member who has an accountability partner.

The goal of this program is to help you reach new heights of freedom from your personal challenges in a way that you've never imagined, through GYE’s revolutionary ten-session program - Reaching New Heights.

You’ll be flying along with your co-pilot or chavrusa through this incredible self-administered 10-session life adventure. Through it you will experience the exhilaration of learning revolutionary life-transforming skills and meditations that will bring you into a new world where you will transform the way you think, feel and behave. You'll learn how to take control of your thoughts, anxieties, and how you feel about yourself and you will cultivate the emotions that bring you to new heights in your life.

All it takes is a desire and a commitment to complete this life-transforming experience in just ten sessions of 20-30 minutes. You will emerge with the strength, the skills and the wisdom to make the rest of your life everything you ever dreamed it could be.

Please visit for more details and application...