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Messiras nefesh for Mitzvos

GYE Corp. Sunday, 22 December 2019
Messiras nefesh for Mitzvos

Dear Yidden,

Chanukah is all about Messiras Nefesh, which means fighting the evil against all odds. How did the Jewish people survive for so many thousands of years surrounded by so many enemies? It is those few Yidden who are ready to "die" for Hashem that make all the difference. When Hashem sees them, he steps in and saves us from our powerful enemies.

When we feel we'd rather "die" than give in to the Menuval and continue to be his slave, at that point Hashem steps in and fights for us. And then, it makes no difference any more how powerful the Yetzer Hara is, because Hashem is MUCH stronger than him. That is the lesson of Chanukah.

~ Rabim Bi'yad Mi'yatim! ~
~ Giborim Bi'yad Chalashim! ~

Below is a part of a story taken from the Hamodia (of July 17,2008) about one Iranian Jew's messiras nefesh for Mitzvos. This story is not from many years ago, nor is it from some super-man or Gadol. It's just the Messiras Nefesh of a simple Jew in our day and age.

Does our Messiras Nefesh of saying "no" to the shmutz and garbage (which is anyway bad for us!) compare to the Messiras Nefesh of this man? How fortunate are we that Hashem has given us an opportunity to show him at least "something", each time we turn our hearts away from false desires!

Let us all decide today, on Chanukah - the Chag of Messiras Nefesh, that we would rather die than continue to be slaves to the Yetzer Hara! And then we will be Zoche to the great light and Yeshua of Chanukah, where Hashem will step in and give over the great and powerful Menuval into our hands!