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Korach and Air Force One

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 23 June 2020
Korach and Air Force One

The Rebbe Avrohom of Slonim zy"a, the Yesod Ha'avoda, in Toras Avos writes that the primary shortcoming of Korach was that he sought great levels in avodas Hashem, which is why he desired to be the Kohen Gadol. A person should feel that the even the seemingly minor avoda is something for which he is not truly deserving or worthy.

Moshe said to Korach "Rav lachem", you are constantly seeking the highest levels, "Rav". "

Hame'at mikem?" is your current avoda paltry in your eyes?

"VeAharon ma hu", Aharon feels unworthy and undeserving of the avoda he does.

The above is a big Yesod in Avodas Hashem, and especially for those who deal with this struggle. It's not WHAT our job is that counts, it's our recognition of WHO GAVE US the job. If we recognize that the King himself gave us this task, then even the most menial job should make us rejoice.

The Ba’al Hatanya (Chapter 27) famously wrote: Even should one be engaged all his days in this conflict, he should never feel depressed, for perhaps because of this he was created, and this is his service -- to constantly subjugate the sitra achra (the "Other Side")..

In the interesting video excerpt below from a documentary on "Air Force One", Chief Steward Steve Lominack remarks: "Very few people realize that this is the hand that cleans the president's restroom right here. It's part of the J-O-B". Yet his dedication to the job that earns him the greatest respect and allows him to be like "family" with the most powerful man in the world.

(If you can't see the video below, click here to view on Google-Drive)

But "Air Force 1" is a symbol of the presidency, not the president himself. As the video says, "Every the president is just an ordinary man, driven by ambition and belief, yet lifted to the pinnacle of power by the Office and the tools of the Presidency".

In the video, Bill Clinton expresses the sentiment that he sees himself just as a "Steward" of the plane. Goerge W. Bush says: "The office of the presidency is always greater than its occupant... and I'm honored to have been given the trust of being the President of the United States, and honored to travel in this magnificent airplane."

What important lesson can we learn from this?

When we work for a higher purpose, then whether you're the most powerful man in the world or the janitor who cleans the bathroom, all feel honored to serve. And how much more so does this apply when we're working for the King of Kings Who created EVERYTHING! Whatever job Hashem has given us to do in this world, even if it feels sometimes like we're scrubbing the toilets of the King's palace, if we do it with joy and dedication, Hashem Himself will one day invite us to dwell in His loving presence for all eternity!

Let's learn from the story of Korach to be grateful for whatever job Hashem has given us. We're all working for the King!