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From Boys to Men

the.guard Sunday, 22 January 2023
From Boys to Men

The revolutionary book "From Boys to Men": Guiding our Sons and Students in the Ways of Kedushah

Finally! A book that integrates the Torah’s wisdom and psychological research to provide a comprehensive approach to educating and supporting our sons and students regarding: health and safety, puberty, marital intimacy, and today’s challenges to kedushah, with haskamos from many Gedolim!

Audio-Book format available too: iTunes: / Audible: .

B”H after selling out the 1st printing, the 2nd printing of From Boys to Men: Guiding our sons and students in the ways of kedushah has arrived. It is available at:

Free to all Mechanchim or Rabbonim

Due to incredible sponsors, GYE is able to make the book available for FREE to all Mechanchim or Rabbonim. Please use the following link to request books either for Rebbeim in your Mossad or individually.

Please share the information with anyone you think can benefit.

The book is also available at Amazon alongside the audiobook here:

Hopefully your local seforim store has restocked it. However, reportedly, some seforim stores are not displaying it so you may have to specifically request it. Please share this information with anyone you can. Thank you very much!