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For they are my servants

the.guard Sunday, 17 May 2020
For they are my servants

Often times we may feel down about ourselves. This may come as a result of falling into sin, or just a feeling of disconnect from kedusha and Hashem. We may wonder why Hashem allows us to be thrown down into our situation and we feel abandoned. The Meor Enaim tells us that מלא כל הארץ כבודו, Hashem is truly everywhere, even with us at the lowest level. Sometimes it's our job to serve Hashem from a distant place, and to bring kedusha to the most mundane places and levels. (Something that tzaddikim can't do at their great madriega).

When one hires a servant he knows that he will serve him in every way. The servant won't say, "sorry I only do light house work, but the harder or dirtier jobs are not for me". In this past week's parsha Hashem says כי לי בני ישראל עבדים, "For the Jewish people are my servants". We are His servants. Is it possible that we say, "sorry Hashem, we will only do the light work but none of the difficult chores please" ? Of course on whatever mission He sends us we cannot refuse, and to the contrary we will do it happily.

When we fall we must realize that Hashem has sent us on a mission to serve Him from the distance and pick ourselves up and rise to new heights.