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Corona: Disease of an Interconnected World

the.guard Thursday, 19 March 2020
Corona: Disease of an Interconnected World

Technology, which can be used for both good and bad, has made the entire world interconnected. Whatsapp, social media and the internet in general, have taken the once enormous world and fit it into everyone’s pocket today. All of mankind are all connected to each other, wherever we may be, for both good and for bad.

Coronavirus may be a message from Hashem to awaken us, that we are misusing the power of inter-connectivity. In the same way that a tiny virus from Wuhan China can cause a world-wide epidemic and make tens of thousands of people physically sick, so too the sewage on the web from any distant country can make millions of people spiritually and morally sick.

And just as we can’t see the virus spreading, we can’t see the bytes and data zipping around the world and causing untold damage to millions of souls.

Let us use the immense power of inter-connectivity for good things, to spread faith, goodness and joy to others and to bring light to the world (like passing this email on to your contacts), and then Hashem will surely send His blessing and ensure that wonderful things, like Torah, knowlege of Hashem, medical advances and scientific innovations made in distant countries, will spread to millions across the world. And He will heal us from the diseases caused by our interconnected-ness.