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Corona Stress

the.guard Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Corona Stress


I need to air out and relax from work, family, etc. How can I deal with stress? I'm looking for healthy ideas and (non-addictive) outlets...


In general, the best way to deal with stress is to ask ourselves at every given moment "What would Hashem want me to be doing now?" In other words, don't think about what you would prefer to be doing, or what you were in middle of doing (and got interrupted), but let go of the illusion that we're in control and ask only "What would Hashem want me to do at this very moment?" Once we have that clarity, we can just do it calmly and happily. We must realize that everything in both the past and in future, is not in our hands at all. We can only serve Hashem in the present moment. Not even in 2 minutes from now. Only this very moment.

Here's another idea... Try going to sleep early and getting up when everyone is still asleep. Make a coffee and just sit down and talk to Hashem for a while, take a Gemara and learn for 20 minutes, then a few halachos... then daven shacharis and have breakfast. By the time the kids are up and about you'll feel you already got a bunch accomplished!

We all feel that Moshiach is about to come. Hashem is giving us this final test now to see who we REALLY are... The fact we all need to be in isolation is a blessing as well. "Hitbodedut" is practiced by many Chassidim who want to get close to Hashem... Hitbodedut means ISOLATION. Try going somewhere alone with Hashem and just talk to Him. Share with Him everything! He understands us far better than we understand ourselves and loves us way more than we can ever imagine!

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