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Change 4 Change

the.guard Monday, 30 November 2020

Announcing a new GYE Initiative "Change 4 Change"

Members helping members stay clean!

How it works:

1) GYE members donate to a special fund.

2) The money in this fund goes to sponsor monetary incentives for other members, based on their clean days.

To get started, we need donors! Please write to if you'd like to sponsor $90 for 90 days. Imagine the zechus you'll have for each of the hundreds of times someone will say "No" to the Yetzer Hara because of YOUR incentive!

Terms & Conditions.

1) You must be a GYE member to join (not to donate). If you're not a member yet, click here to sign up.

2) You must first have a talk by phone with either Mendy or Michael, to ensure you are ready for the challenge.

3) Then send the following info to

  • Your username
  • When you'd like to schedule a talk by phone.
  • The amount of days you are aiming for (min 30 - max 90)
  • Choose your $ incentive (max $1/day)

Note: This initiative is based on trust alone. GYE takes no responsibility for members who are dishonest.

A thank you letter received recently by a member who sponsored a modern Orthodox boy in a co-ed high school:

When I started my journey, I was strong willed but not confident. For a couple weeks my yearning to break free was enough to stay clean. However, right around the 20 day mark, the yetzer hara was becoming unbearable, and I found myself coming close to falling. When I expressed these concerns, I got a monetary incentive. Some money is all it took to radically change my actions. Henceforth, whenever the yetzer hara would come at me, I would think of my eventual reward if I didn't give in. The monetary gift at day 40 was some of the best and hard earned money of my life. Thank you so much for supporting my endeavors and financing the monetary incentive. Without you, there is a good chance I would have fallen. Your gift gives me the confidence to never give up.