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Can't believe I moved on

the.guard Monday, 30 March 2020
Can't believe I moved on

I just want to thank you for everything. I cannot believe that I was able to move on, and that the thoughts and feelings that had taken center stage for so many years have finally loosened their grip on me. I realise that I am able to walk in the street and not be triggered by those things that did trigger me all these years. And I'm done with YouTube too, since the Yesod challenge.

But I still have my weak moments. I know that I will always have to be careful in the area of שמירת עיניים, that the יצה"ר is strong and lying in wait, ready to pounce...... But I am aware that I am not obsessed by disturbing thoughts anymore.

May הקב"ה give you the strength to continue inspiring people and to give them hope that it can be done.

And may the רבש"ע repay you בכפל כפלים.