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What Ties You Up?

obormottel Sunday, 19 July 2015

I'm an assistant Rebbi in a yeshiva, and I have a female shadow in my classroom (she watches a specific child), who does not fully understand that her mode of dress is not very appropriate. It makes life very difficult but with HIS help (and constant chizuk from GYE - thank you!) I've survived the year. . .

A child just walked past me in the hall as I was trying to untangle my tzitzis from the button of my jacket. He reached out and helped. I gave him a smile and said, "For some reason, I'm all tied up." He smiled back and replied, "You're always tied up..."

His words got me thinking. I'm always tied to His Will as my tzitzis remind me. So when teva calls me to gaze at the shadow, I must tell the pervert: "I'm tied up at the moment; He has something else I need to do!"

I send this to you to try to help others . . . and thank you for all the wonderful things you guys at GYE do for His nation!