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What is Real?

GYE Corp. Sunday, 26 February 2012

The GYE forum is virtual land... the land of the fake. All you guys here are not people, you are algorithms... it's all 1s and 0s, right? The real world is people in $1500 suits and the New York Post at every doorstep, right? The real world is reported upon by CNN and Foxnews, right?


The fake world is L. Ron Hubbard and all his clones... the fake world is all those smiley-glad hands with their hidden agendas... the fake world tells you that "m" is "part of a healthy lifestyle"... they tell you its good for you! And "p"? "p" is not an addiction that is tearing apart the world! "p" is part of a "multibillion dollar entertainment industry"! It is streamed into your home and into your life...

No, my friends, this world is UPSIDE DOWN!! The war that is brewing here on GYE, that is the REAL world... fighting to bring G-d's will back to Earth, that is the real world, and our friends here, that is the real world... We are happy when "struggle" survives another day, overjoyed when "Letakain" gets engaged and saddened when "Uri" is sad.. We reach out our hands and pull 'em back up... What we've been taught: to look at the Jew and place a label based on type of yarmulke and length of his hair... that's not so real... The real desire to fulfill G-d's commandments that goes on over here... that's VERY REAL...


"Holy yid" responds to RATM's post:

Thank You. This is a very timely thought. Sukkos is a time when Hashem tells us to leave our permanent dwelling and go into a temporary dwelling. One explanation of the message we should take from this, is that we leave the values of the materialistic world behind and we live in the knowledge that what the world values, has no value. Rather the real value in the world, is to sit in the shadow of Hashem.

Gut Yom Tov to all!