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We Have Only Today

obormottel Sunday, 01 October 2017

A man was visiting in Paris and went to a kosher restaurant in the Jewish Quarter, known as the Pletzel. The prices were high, but there was a sign on the wall that stated, “Today you pay, tomorrow, free of charge.” The man figured that it was a good deal, so he ate, paid and left. The next day, he also came and ate. When the waiter came with the bill, he protested. “But it says that tomorrow is free, and I was here yesterday and paid!” “Yes, the waiter said, but every day is ‘today’!”

This is how a person must conduct himself with his yetzer hara. If he can’t destroy it completely, he should keep putting it off. You want me to be idle? Sure, tomorrow. Just let me learn today. This is how a person should behave every day of his life, and he will be saved from the yetzer. Our biggest problems come when we rush to surrender to it!