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True Peace & Tranquility

GYE Corp. Monday, 19 December 2011

There is a story of a king who hired painters to paint a picture of peace and tranquility. Each artist painted his masterpiece, depicting peace as he perceived it. One drew a calm ocean with palm trees and gulls. The next portrayed rolling green fields and apple orchards. Each put his all into the work.

The day arrived to show their work to the king. One by one, he studied the paintings long and hard. And one by one, he rejected them. In his opinion, none expressed true peace and tranquility.

Finally, he stood in front of the last painting. The colors were dark and depressing. A gray sky hung over dark, menacing trees in a forest. Lightning forked through the air threateningly. A powerful waterfall crashed over treacherous rocks, and buzzards soared overhead.

Leaning forward, the king noticed a small little bush sticking out from behind the waterfall. Sheltered between its branches, was a birds nest, and within the nest, a family of birds; sleeping.

"This is my picture!" announced the king.

Life is never a calm sea without waves or wind. There are no lush green fields without snakes and hidden rocks. Life is a challenge. The vultures soar around us and the sky is often dark. Inner peace must come from within. We must create our own inner sanctuaries and learn to focus within despite raging storms.