Wednesday, 25 April 2012

This moment is the only thing we have

by Ano-nymous, Be Holy (See all authors)

Yesterday, two great warriors on the forum hit Level 6, their 70th day clean! They call themselves "BeHoly" and "Ano-nymous" - a Buchor. We are looking forward to making a big Le'chayim for them when they reach the 90 Day "Wall of Honor" chart.

They both posted very inspiring posts on the forum yesterday that we can all be inspired from:

"Beholy" Posted (edited for clarity):

Good morning fellow warriors. Battle log day 70 - be"h!!

Today is like no other, yesterday is gone, who knows about tomorrow? We are here today, that is why it is called "the present" - a gift from Hashem.

We have all done wrong in our lives (that we thought would bring us happiness), yet we had no happiness. We lived in fear and depression, yet we couldn't get out. We lived in shame and we saw no end. We yearned for closeness, but could not focus on what type of closeness our souls really yearned for.

To everyone reading this... Hashem will help us. We can gather strength together and fight our battles and win this war. But fighting is not enough, we need Torah and we need Emunah that Hashem is with us on the battlefield and will guide us through thick and thin.

What do we get from fighting this war? We get our lives back. We can feel Shabbos again. Torah has the opportunity to become sweet again. Our davening really talks to us. We don't live in shame. We can stand up with our friends and relatives and not feel like we are second class citizens always hiding something in the closet. We are not inferior to society as much as we used to think we were. These are just to name a few. Life becomes alive again.

Today is the day to make an advance on the enemy. We are half way through Shovavim, the clock is ticking. Today is one day closer to Moshiach, and this moment is the only thing we have. Let us gather strength together and take one day at a time. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but with tears in my eyes, I plead with you my fellow warriors, make that day be today! Seize the moment! We are living in erev moshiach, we don't have time to waste. Make that push today, for the sake of Hashem and for the sake of all that is dear to us. Believe that we can leave it behind and build a better future.

May we all stand together outside of Mitzrayim with our souls and bodies intact. May we be able to retain clarity as to what the Y"H really is (the #1 enemy), and may HASHEM grant us all the Siyatta Di'shmaya to get closer to him, one day at a time.

"Ano-nymous" Posted:

Well today is day 70. I really don't believe that I have come this far. I had never even gone 1 week clean, and now I will have completed my 10th week!! Yesterday was a hard day. The thoughts all invaded my head at once, and I couldn't completely resist them. But even though my head was full of poison, I refused to act on it. I kept fighting it until I fell asleep. I hope that after the 90 days have passed these kinds of attacks will become less frequent and less powerful. One thing I noticed is that the images, while still there (they may never go away), are much less vivid than they used to be, and I think that helped me fight it off.

Yidden! Hashem and all his Malachim are dancing with divine delight at the beautiful struggles of Yidden striving to come closer to Hashem. Start your journey today and join those Tzadikim who will be marching at the head of the line to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu any day!

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