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This is a Yid!

By Trying

obormottel Friday, 03 February 2017

I remember hearing a powerful story about Reb Moshe Leib M'Sosov who's yartzeit was this past week I think.

It was on a Parshas Bo that Reb Moishe Leib was in Lizensk for shabbos as a guest of R' Elimelech. During the seuda he got up to say a vort on the parsha. The offering is called korbon 'pesach' because of the skipping over and leaping that hashem did during makas bechoros.
It says ;
והיה הדם לכם לאת על הבתים אשר אתם שם וראיתי את הדם ופסחתי עלכם
Rashi says ואני אומר כל פסיחה ל' דלוג וקפיצה
"I say that every appearance of the root פסח expresses skipping and jumping ".
Later we also read זבח פסח הוא לה' אשר פסח על בתי בני ישראל

Says the heilige Rebbi M'Sassov, asher poshach AL BOTEI BNEI YISROEL.
Do you want to know what hakodosh baruch hu did when he found a yiddishe house? Do you have any idea what he still does?
Posach..loshon kefitzah..He jumped on the houses!
He skipped and leaped for joy while calling out "this is a jewish home…this is a Jewish home.."
When saying this the sassover got so enthused with simcha that he actually got up on the table skipping and dancing and said "ah...this is a yidishe home..this is a yidishe home….!!!!!".

The story doesn't need explanation!! Yet we must constantly remember who we are..and how much the rb"sh loves us. We must remember the power we have. Every time he looks at one of us..he smiles and dances. That is a yid. That is a yid.