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Thinking More About Him

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 04 January 2012

I've been reading a lot about recent Gedolim and it occurred to me that the tools needed to overcome lust addiction are exactly the same as those exhibited by our greatest Gedolim. Simple acceptance that we're not meant to "have it all". You can't act out in the morning and be an oveid Hashem in the afternoon (at least not intentionally). Being an oveid Hashem means doing your utmost to remember Him at all times, remember His hashgacha and recognize that He runs both this world and next. When you do, you'll naturally be drawn in the right direction and away from taayva. But it takes sacrifice, and unless you hit rock bottom and see it clearly, you won't really be willing to make that sacrifice. Once you do take that step, you're on track. Just do it again, at each madrega, until you're the Chofetz Chaim! All he did was recognize Hashem to the exclusion of all else. We're working on doing the same.

One more thought.

There's a baseline that we all default to in our minds. When we're not working or learning (and sometimes even when we are), what do we think about? The answer to that is who we really are. Are we thinking about lust, how to make more money, or how to grow in ruchniyus? For those of us in recovery, the answer is probably "some of each", but hopefully, over time, we gradually think more about Him.