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The True Chametz

By "Military" - a teenager

obormottel Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The fact that we can't 'beat' lust is a very important lesson. It's incredible how it underpins everything. Someone with an allergy would be very stupid to fight the fact that he has it and still try and eat the peanuts without causing an effect.

So too with us. The 'peanuts' are everywhere. I can't try and smell them and think that I have control over how much it affects me.

Lust can manifest itself in many forms. Watching inappropriate things, trying to mix with girls or getting kavod from them.. it could also mean trying to be popular and chasing money. All these things have an underlying goal - to serve the 'I.'

The more one tries to use circumstances to boost their ego - the more detached one gets from the world.

So, I need to tell myself that this girl that I keep seeing in the library is really just another human being. If I want to start making her into a object to fill my selfish desires then it will never end, because there will never be enough.

Especially now, in Pesach and Sefirah - an auspicious time to grow in pushing away our animalistic desires and replace them with a proper seichel.

It is very easy to perceive everything in life as a way to boost my own ego. The hard way is to realize that although it is there - although it is possible for me to use this lust for my personal benefit - I will not, because it is too strong for me. I fully admit that I can't lust because this means that I am putting myself in control, which is completely false. A complete illusion. Just like chametz.

There is only One in control. That is Hashem. He is the only One in Whom we can put our faith to control everything in the best way possible.