Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Time Has Come

by 7Up (See all authors)

We clean the cobwebs Clean the cobwebs of our minds
Organize cluttered closets Organize cluttered thoughts
Dust off rarely touched shelves. Dust off long-shelved aspirations.
With toothpicks we remove With toothpick-like scrutiny, remove
The microscopic specks & stains The not-so-microscopic specks &stains
From between cracks & crevices. From the cracks & crevices of our souls.

The time has come

Let's Pesach clean all leaven Let's Pesach clean inflated egos
Spring clean winter's stagnant muskiness Spring clean winter's stagnant lethargy

Let's make ourselves worthy of the next Geula - not just our homes.

The time has come.