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The Light in the Darkness

GYE Corp. Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hashem gives us these struggles so that we can make beautiful jewels for His crown through them. Rabbosai, share with us your thoughts from the times you have struggles and overcome them! By sharing and inspiring many other people as well, you will be uplifting your struggles to the highest level of Hashem's honor!


Someone wrote me recently:

I was lying in bed the other night feeling depressed and needy, craving and wishing that I could have "Miss Universe" right now. And suddenly a thought came to me and I said to myself;

"You know, I could have - right now - something even BETTER than that! What could possibly be better? Well, Hashem is here right now, with me, next to me and inside me. He created the world's most beautiful woman. He created all the beautiful women in the world. And He completely and selflessly wants the very best possible for me in this very moment. The fact that I am not presently with the world's most beautiful woman means that what I have right now is even better for my good. Hashem knows what I need at this very moment for His divine plan to unfold, so that he can one day give me the ultimate pleasure possible!

And besides all that, He is right here with me now. He is the source of all desire, all good and all pleasure. And I can have the most intimate connection with Him - right now - if I just let Him into my heart and love Him back as much as He is loving me".

And with those thoughts, I drifted off into a pleasant sleep...


Another person wrote me recently:

I just wanted to share with you how your site helped me today... It's the three weeks and I've been feeling down, my wife wasn't available lately and I found myself alone at home, just aching to act out. But I so didn't want to fall into that pit again so I went to the "Practical Tips" section of the website and found the LAST RESORT tip at the bottom of the page. And as I gazed at the pictures there, I felt the lust just disappear, as I saw what flesh and blood really is and where I will be one day. And my eyes filled with tears and I began to recite the Pesukim from the Mizmor "Halleli Nafshi Es Hashem" (translated):

My nefesh praises Hashem, I shall praise Hashem in my life, I shall sing to Him while I am still here... The soul leaves him, he returns to his earth, on that day all his desires are lost. Happy is the one whose help is the G-d of Yakov, whose hope is in Hashem his G-d, who made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in it... Hashem releases the bound, opens the eyes of the blind, straightens the bent; Hashem loves Tzadikim!